Fabrics for your countryside home in Newbury

When creating a perfect look for your home in the countryside [wiki], often a personal touch is to use fabric bought from independent retailers which can be fashioned into different products. From cushions to curtains, fabrics for your countryside home have never been this versatile and beautiful. We have compiled a list of our favourite fabrics which are perfect for your countryside home.

All of these fabrics for your countryside home in Newbury have pastel colours as the base so it is easy to mingle with any furniture in your home.

1 – The Bambi

Showing various stills of a deer and her fawn, the background colour of this fabric is a cream which is extremely easy to match to pre-existing furniture or colours in your room. The deer themselves are a pale brown, with the detail making them seem to each be hand drawn. In between the deer, there is a lovely flower print which just adds to the whimsical charm of this design.

 2 – The Rose (Blush)

The Rose fabric is a lovely blush shade of pink which is beautifully pastel and muted. The roses themselves sit on this background colour in white which provides an excellent contrast and allows you to see the individual detail on each flower petal. The lack of harsh outlines on this fabric makes it a classic addition to any pastel themed room in your countryside home without being too loud.

3 – The Fleur (Powder)

Powder is a beautiful shade of pale blue which sits with white flowers repeated on top of it. The flowers almost form a stripe effect which would make a fantastic contrast as cushion covers for a cream or white chair or sofa. Despite the colouring being subtle, this muted fabric for you countryside home is a must have.

Here’s a little taste of the countryside similar to Newbury