3 fabrics for your city home in Chichester

Taking inspiration from the busy Southern cityscape, these are fantastic fabrics for your city home in Chichester. The colours are slightly brighter than what typically the Bow House Lifestyle fabrics are, which will liven up even the dullest rooms. The splashes of red inject a bit of colour of personality to your city homes as well as having a patriotic feel. Here are a selection of fabrics by Bow House Lifestyle which we feel would be best suited to city homes.

1 – The City

Here in Great Britain we are well known for certain features in our towns and cities, therefore it was a no brainer to include this fabric which has many of the well-known recognisable elements of our country. Iconic vehicles, the British flags, postboxes and letter boxes make up this print. The pencil drawings mixed with red elements of some of the features makes for a simple and understated print which can be used for most coverings.

2 – The Stripe (Blush)

A classic soft pink stripe on a cream background makes up this fabric design. Muted and classic, the stripe has a slightly modern twist with each one varying in size. This pattern is not just available in blush pink, but also ‘pistachio’, ‘powder’ and ‘ash’ which means you can tailor this around your pre-existing furniture and decorations.

3 – The Queen’s Guards

This print is made up of the Grenadier Guards with their iconic red uniform and bear skin hats on a grey background. The repeat pattern of these guards is all over the piece, so along with their red it will help make any room have a pop of colour, but not an overbearing amount. The guards are styled more like toy soldiers in the print, which adds a childlike charm to it. The muted watercolour nature of the fabric adds a homemade feeling to it too.

As a city steeped in history, Chichester has plenty to offer, particularly the Cathedral