3 fabrics for your sea side home by Torquay

Living by the sea is a wonderful thing, so here are 3 fabrics for your sea side home by Torquay that are a beautiful addition to any property. Taking inspiration from holidays by the Great British Seaside, these joyful fabrics are captivating. If you just happen to have a beach hut, or even a holiday home these fabrics are a muted reminder of the sandy shores and the Great British holiday.

1 – The Voyage (Liberty)


The Voyage is a busier print of the collection, but still muted and carries the pastel themes perfectly. The boats make up the main features of the fabric, with slightly bigger versions of them in the background, followed by a detailed version of them as the main feature. The blues, pinks and creams make for a feature print which will become a huge talking point when welcoming guests to your sea side home by Torquay.

2 – The Salcombe (Beach)

Sea shells, star fish and sea horses make up for this under the sea style of print. We chose this print with the background ‘beach’ pink as it is slightly different to the typical blues seen on sea side themed fabrics. With no harsh outlines, this is a very unique fabric which isn’t too busy. The actual pictures on this fabric look as if they have been pencilled on which makes them feel very homemade and adds charm to whatever you wish to use it for.

3 – The Dot (Powder)

The dot is a very neutral print which can match any of the above fabrics in a very simple way. With a plain cream background and soft powder blue dots, the colouring matches all of the designs mentioned above and will be a welcome addition to any home. There are also many other colours available in this print, such as ‘pistachio’ and ‘blush’.

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